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Starts Tuesday, March 12 at 7:30 pm EST.

The doors to my new mind shifting Wellness class are now open!



  Tamira is a very attentive coach. She will hold you accountable and as long as you are willing and and ready to do the work she will be there every step of the way 100%. Her class not only covers food and lifestyle changes, but she also works on the ROOT your MINDSET. Her course has life changing knowledge that nobody will ever be able to take away. Take the next step and enroll today, you will NOT be disappointed. 

April Michell

(Small Beauty Business Owner)

  I would recommend Tamira. She teaches beyond weight loss, but how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her service is an absolute great investment.

Tiffany A. Green


Welcome to the Weight Smash-MIND SHIFT Membership Group

Dag on it!  Are you ready for new levels?? Yeah I know that you wanna conquer the whole weight thing, right? I really gotta tell you that it’s so much bigger than just shedding pounds. You’re gonna absolutely love this group.


There are so many things to learn about why we are where we are, but you know what? It’s been said that When we learn something new and practice it, our brain will either change the structure of its neurons (cells) or increase the number of synapses between our neurons, allowing them to send and receive information a lot faster. We can harness our brain’s inherent plasticity to learn new skills, build a better memory or quicken your speed of processing abilities, which will help to keep us sharp as we age. Simply put, Consistently learning and implementing is key to slowing brain aging. The more you know, the more you stretch your brain’s capacity for learning.

Being around women who have goals makes us go out there and get it too because no one wants to be left out.


• You’re going to get a weekly virtual class with Tamira Johnelle teaching you all the things she did to drop 60 pounds in seven months while eating delicious food. These videos normally retail for $49/Piece but being in the membership group has its perks.
• In weekly classes, we talk about more than just food we talk about mindset and shifting your mindset to win.
• You’ll receive discounts on all virtual events.
• You’ll get to have all your questions answered in the group. People ask me so many questions about how I did it, but I don’t answer too much because those answers are for my clients. In the group, you are definitely a client of mine.
• You’ll see that you can actually eat food with substance when shedding the weight. I used to think I had to eat like a rabbit to succeed in life. Sure I dropped the weight, but my brain or my body didn’t feel strong.
• Yeah, it’s cliché, but health is definitely wealth!
• I don’t know about you, but this was the one thing that I felt like I just couldn’t conquer and when I finally did my world became limitless. I want everybody to have that feeling of unstoppable achievement.
• Every month we’ll have cooking workshops that you’ll get for a lower price than the public. These are gonna be some high end-home run meals to serve to you and yours. GET READY!

Our first class will begin at Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 7:30 pm EST. You’ll be able to receive all of the replays.

All you’ll need to do is download the Zoom webinar app to attend weekly classes and also be sure to follow the instructions in your confirmation email when you make your first payment because it’ll direct you to the private Facebook group.

This group offers enrollment. You can start at any time and you can stop at any time. If you join after our start date you can always purchase the previous classes in our private group store which isn’t open to the public.

You get all of this for just $19/week

I’m so freakin excited and I hope you are too.

Tamira Johnelle