Learning to Read Food Labels Effectively saved my Life-

Let me teach you what saved me

This Video is a Must See! 

Let me tell you. I couldn’t stand my body at all, but I knew one thing for sure and that was In that I love the taste of good food. I loved it so much that I thought the aroma would be calling my name. Lol! Throughout my journey of dropping 60 pounds in 7 months while eating good food everydayI learned so much about that good ole saying, “You are What You Eat!” The only thing is, how can you know what you are if you don’t know or understand what it is you’re eating. 

This is a big piece if the pie that is missing for so many people. I’ve read so many books and articles on different foods let me help you dissect what it is you’re eating. You’re gonna be surprised and excited at the same time when you begin to understand what’s going on with you and food. Some of your feelings will start to make total sense. 

This video is going to help you to understand that the power is within you to become a better you, but most importantly how food can affect you.

I know it’s sometimes hard to get started, but it’s really just a mind thing. Always know that once you take the first step the second step will appear. 

I’m really excited for you to check out this video. The struggles you’ve had with your weight for so many years Do NOT have to be. For so many years I thought it was me, but it really was bigger than me. 

Who is this video for 

Anyone who has yo yo dieted their entire life and just can’t figure out why or how to get unstuck and feels like a prisoner in their body.

For those who want to get the weight off and still be able to eat good food and learn how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle 

In other words, anyone looking to 
-Get serious about their goals
-Be able to eat good food and still drop weight 
-Commit to Action
-Take their life to a new level

You are gonna love this video. Trust! The level of understanding that you gain is going to be so freaking life changing. Literally! I’m really so freaking excited for you to take this step and gain an immense level of understanding because that level of understanding will open your mind and take your life in a beautiful direction of WINNING AT YOUR LIFE! 

$99 is a very small price to really change your life. You are so worth it and I can’t stress again how happy I am for you. After watching this video you WILL view food differently. 

I understand what you’re going thru. I yo yo dieted for years and always said I was going to start tomorrow. My emotions were up and down because I felt like I was defeated by my weight. It just wasn’t a great situation for my body health wise, but beyond the weight I just wanted to wear clothes that came in a smaller size. I LOVE food and thought I was destined to be stuck in this body feeling miserable forever until 1 day I made a conscious decision to make a change for the better. For 7 years I came up with great and tasty desserts along with a meal plan that I could eat while still dropping weight. Omgeeeee, the battle was finally won! I dropped from a size 18 to a size 6 in 7 months while eating good food everyday. The WEIGHT IS NOW OVER and I want to help your WEIGHT be over.

Tamira Johnelle