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I shed 60 pounds in 7 months while eating great tasting food EVERYDAY! I teach you everything I did to be successful thru food education and MINDSET.

Food Education + Mindset = Success

Release the Weight and Feel Great!

I’ve learned so much on my journey that some of my clients have told me that even their Doctors are amazed at how their health has improved. I struggled for so long with food and it’s finally over and I want to help you overcome your food struggles.

We should work Together if:

→ You feel that you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked
→ You have problems controlling your eating
→ You don’t know how to be consistent on your wellness journey
→ You’re ready to commit and do whatever it takes to be successful without Excuses

If this is you, check out my services.

See what my clients have to say below:



 Joining Tamira’s class has been amazing. I used to go to the gym all the time, and even ate somewhat healthy.

Life got in the way and I went backwards. I stopped going to the gym, even stopped by a few fast food restaurants on the go. I just lost the motivation. But then, I see Tamira live on FB. I started listening to her, she even showed recipes and gave insight on different ways of eating that will not want you craving for bad foods.

I saw her journey years ago. I’m just glad she is willing to share her journey and lifestyle change with us. I now eat and sleep better, which gives me more energy. I have already released 11 lbs just by eating correctly, and I eat all day, and my iron is better. I don’t crave ice anymore. I no longer have to have my daughter help me out of my scrub tops because they were too tight LOL!

Taking this class was a great decision for my mind, body, and soul. I can’t wait to see my progress at the end of this class.

Jervell Crump

Nursing Industry

Joining the Weight Club was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for my life. It has given me the tools to make a complete lifestyle change. Not only am I eating amazing food, I am also enjoying cooking more now that I understand what good nutrition is. Diets don’t work for me in the long run. Boredom sets in and the concentration has always been on weight alone.

My first experience with Coach Tamira was when I participated in her 7 Day Vegan Challenge, because I was diagnosed with Lupus and my doctors encouraged a dietary change. They failed to fully explain how my diet played a major role in the symptoms I was experiencing. I am not a big fan of medication unless absolutely necessary, so I sought alternative natural healing  … Read More 

Joy Alaman

Advocate Against Domestic Violence

Fine Dining Desserts at Home

Are you ready to eat desserts that taste amazing without any artificial ingredients added? Well look no further!!! I’ve always loved sweets, but I can’t stand that the effects of refined white sugar, so I came up with desserts that I could I indulge in without feeling guilty. I’m so ready to share these with you and that’s exactly why I created this dessert book. Please enjoy this culmination of fine desserts one bite at a time.

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Tamira Johnelle

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