Welcome to the DROP ZONE!

Get ready to make great steps towards great health!

I created this membership group because people constantly ask me can I write down my recipes and inbox it to them. I thought it’d be great to write down my recipes with a photo of the dish and put it in a group where everyone who wanted particular recipes could get them. It gets really challenging when 10 people a day ask you for 10 different recipes.

Membership has it’s Benefits:

Each week you will recieve 4 different recipes of mine and It’ll make life so much easier to have them already written down as opposed to watching a video for an hour and trying to listen for all of the ingredients.
You’ll receive 3 articles or posts per week that I have curated on different foods and health tips.
You’ll be amongst a group of like minded people who are on the same mission to be healthy!

The time is now to change your eating habits into great and fulfilling meals eaten everyday. The right recipes will change you life and your energy. Why not start now?

When you’re done cooking your food you can post your dish in the comments and hashtag it loseweighttastegreat.

I’m so excited to see what you come up with…