Welcome to the 7 Day Vegan Challenge with Tamira Johnelle

I’m so happy you’re here. I know you’re ready to shed some pounds.

This challenge is fun even if you’re not a vegan. There’s been several meat eaters who took this challenge and didn’t feel deprived at all. Matter of fact a lot of them couldn’t eat all of the food that was suggested.

For so many years I thought I had to eat lettuce and vegetables aka a salad to drop the pounds. I don’t mind salad every once in a while, but every freakin day. No ma’am because I love food too much. God put Food here for us to enjoy.

There are so many diets out there and when I read what they entail they’re just temporary. They’re nothing I’d keep up with for 20 years. The food is bland and it involves unnatural processes that the body doesn’t wanna go thru, like drinking liquid calories for 30 days solely to drop weight. I’m all about giving the body a break to heal, but starving oneself to shed weight and fasting are 2 totally different things because they serve 2 different purposes.

My goal is for you to drop a few pounds in 7 days without depriving yourself of good food. It’s important that you see the possibilities of eating different dishes and not feeling hungry. For so many years I thought I couldn’t drop weight and still eat good food. When you take this journey for seven days you’ll see that you can achieve things that you never deemed possible.

In this amazing challenge you’ll receive the following – (all meals and exercises for the week in an e book format)

7 days of meals


Purchase the groceries for the challenge.
Do the exercises posted
Take a picture of yourself the 1st day and weigh yourself. On the 5th and last day you will take another picture and weigh yourself to see your progress. You’ll be amazed at the progress and understand see the possibilities.

In previous Challenges clients reported that their blood pressure dropped, knee pain subsided, inflammation from lupus subsided and so many others have shed between 5-10lbs in previous challenges, among so many other great things

I’m SO EXCITED for you to start winning! Your mindset is elevating as you read this!

Once you purchase check your email.