Hi, I’m Tamira

I teach women how I successfully shed 60 pounds while eating the foods I love

Do you want my 4 Top Weight Loss Tips?

Hi, I’m Tamira

I teach women how I successfully shed 60 pounds while eating the foods I love

Do you want my 4 Top Weight Loss Tips

“The mind is like the trunk of a tree that brings forth fruit. How you take care of the mind determines the quality of the fruit. “
Tamira Johnelle

“The mind is like the trunk of a tree that brings forth fruit. How you take care of the mind determines the quality of the fruit. “
Tamira Johnelle

Hello there friend!

Thank you for stopping by. I wanted you to see these two pictures of me because they are truly a story of how I felt. That’s me sitting down and always trying to hide in pictures. I strategically would hold something in my lap in pictures and stand in the back in pictures because I was trying to hide. I was so frustrated with myself and wanted to do something about it, but didn’t know how.

I had gone to countless personal trainers. Some of them gave me great workout routines. No one gave me a meal plan that I felt I could stick with. I realized I had to stop getting help from people who never had my problem..

I’m a woman who loves great tasting and flavorful foods, so I came up with my on food regimen. I still ate foods that I love like ice cream, cake, grass fed beef plus a lot more. People would always look at what I was eating because they were amazed at how I was shrinking with the types of food I was eating. I didn’t go on a temporary diet. I went on a LIFESTYLE SHIFT. There were even personal trainers asking me what I was eating. 

I ended up losing 60 pounds and people were so amazed that they’d ask me could they pay me to help them and on top of that I was on a Local Tv show. I realized so many women wanted help and didn’t want to feel like they were missing out on so many of their favorite foods.

I got so busy to the point that I left my job of 19 years to help women who were determined to beat this weight loss thing..

For so many years I really thought I had to eat bland tasting foods and salads all the time to lose weight. The biggest thing I can say about me is that I was NOT in a rush at all. It was a fun process for me. I woke up feeling good every morning knowing I was winning. People literally commented on my lifestyle change every day 24/7.. They couldn’t believe it. You would see me one day and the next day you could tell I was smaller than the previous day. Lol… The scale didn’t even matter to me because I could feel the changes… I want to help women feel good where they are and continue to get better everyday. Size doesn’t make anyone ugly. Health in my opinion is about longevity and I wanted that. I want it for you too…

Check out my online course. I self educated myself so much and that’s why I was successful. I’m not a Doctor or nutritionist, but I’ve helped several woman shed weight… Most importantly they feel good before they hit their weight goal because the ULTIMATE GOAL is to FEEL Good! You deserve it!

Be on the lookout for my next Mindset Course! Omgeee you’re going to love that. My clients always tell me that that is their favorite part of my courses because it is the foundation of everything great in our lives.

Tamira Johnelle

  Tamira is a very attentive coach. She will hold you accountable and as long as you are willing and and ready to do the work she will be there every step of the way 100%. Her class not only covers food and lifestyle changes, but she also works on the ROOT your MINDSET. Her course has life changing knowledge that nobody will ever be able to take away. Take the next step and enroll today, you will NOT be disappointed. 

April Michell

(Small Beauty Business Owner)

  I would recommend Tamira because she teaches much more than weight loss. She teaches how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her service is an absolute great investment.

Tiffany A. Green


See what my clients have to say:



 Joining Tamira’s class has been amazing. I used to go to the gym all the time, and even ate somewhat healthy.

Life got in the way and I went backwards. I stopped going to the gym, even stopped by a few fast food restaurants on the go. I just lost the motivation. But then, I see Tamira live on FB. I started listening to her, she even showed recipes and gave insight on different ways of eating that will not want you craving for bad foods.

I saw her journey years ago. I’m just glad she is willing to share her journey and lifestyle change with us. I now eat and sleep better, which gives me more energy. I have already released 11 lbs just by eating correctly, and I eat all day, and my iron is better. I don’t crave ice anymore. I no longer have to have my daughter help me out of my scrub tops because they were too tight LOL!

Taking this class was a great decision for my mind, body, and soul. I can’t wait to see my progress at the end of this class.

Jervell Crump

Nursing Industry

Joining the Weight Club was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for my life. It has given me the tools to make a complete lifestyle change. Not only am I eating amazing food, I am also enjoying cooking more now that I understand what good nutrition is. Diets don’t work for me in the long run. Boredom sets in and the concentration has always been on weight alone.

My first experience with Coach Tamira was when I participated in her 7 Day Vegan Challenge, because I was diagnosed with Lupus and my doctors encouraged a dietary change. They failed to fully explain how my diet played a major role in the symptoms I was experiencing. I am not a big fan of medication unless absolutely necessary, so I sought alternative natural healing  … Read More 

Joy Alaman

Advocate Against Domestic Violence

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