Fine Dining Desserts at Home

Are you ready to eat desserts that taste amazing without any artificial ingredients added? Well look no further!!! I’ve always loved sweets, but I can’t stand that the effects of refined white sugar, so I came up with desserts that I could I indulge in without feeling guilty. I’m so ready to share these with you and that’s exactly why I created this dessert book. Please enjoy this culmination of fine desserts one bite at a time.



“I have a few fitness watches, but I absolutely love this one. I handpicked this one for my audience because I know it’ll help you keep track of your fitness goals. When your goals are tracked consistently it becomes much easier to track too. It also has a camera that you can connect to your phone. You will absolutely love this.”

Tamira Johnelle


With 0.87 inch OLED screen
Heart rate detection/ Blood pressure detection/Heart rate timing monitoring and high heart rate alarm
Time, Pedometer, Calorie Consumption, Distance Calculation, Sleep time,Camera, Turn the screen vertically to find the bracelet/Off display
Standard exercises functions (PedometerCalorie ConsumptionDistance Calculation)Movement trajectory
Sleep detection (Sleep time, Sleep deep and sleep time)
Call reminder, message reminder, QQ push, micro call push, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp push
Refused to call (long press the touch screen can hang up the phone)
Clock alarmStopwatch
Sedentary reminder
Health goals setting
Remote camera(Support shake, long press touchscreen camera)
Screen Style:Rectangle/Square-shape
System Requirements:Android 4.4 above iOS 8.0above
Bluetooth version:BLE 4.0


“This was my first Fitness Tracker watch. I absolutely love it because it tells me if I’m sedentary too long which I love. I’m so excited to share this with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Tamira Johnelle


Track your steps distance, calories and activity time Sleep Monitor: Automatically track your sleep time and consistency. Message reminders in real time from various social networks.24 hours static heart rate monitoring protects your health.Big 0.96”OLED screen display. 


  1. SMS, information, call reminders.
  2. Bluetooth synchronization.
  3. Data synchronization does not require cable.
  4. Remote camera, take photos by phone by remote control of the bracelet.
  5. Activity tracker, take your daily activity: steps, distance, time, calories; Check and share your data at any time.
  6. Anti-lost, the bracelet will remind you with vibration, if your phone is 5m away from you.
  7. If the Bluetooth is disconnected or the phone is off the Bluetooth distance, the clock will alarm you.
  8. Sleep monitor, check sleep trend table to get your sleep time and quality.
  9. Sitting reminder, it reminds you to go out or exercise after a long time sitting.
  10. IPX7 Waterproof, smart wristband of water (Not for swimming or under the shower).
  11. Heart rate monitor and sphygmomanometer.
  12. USB direct charge. 

Bluetooth: 4.0 
Battery: 50mA polymer lithium ion 
Charging time: 1 hour 
Waterproof: Life Waterproof 
Operating temperature: -10 to 45 
Storage temperature: -20 to 60 
Support: IOS 7.1 and Android 4.4 or higher 
Synchronization range: 3m (theoretical rank is 10m without inter 


“I’ve seen people drop 3-10 pounds in my 7 Day Challenges when they did the work”

Learning to Read Food Labels Effectively saved my Life – Let me teach you what saved me

This Video is a Must See! 

Let me tell you. I couldn’t stand my body at all, but I knew one thing for sure and that was In that I love the taste of good food. I loved it so much that I thought the aroma would be calling my name. Lol! Throughout my journey of dropping 60 pounds in 7 months while eating good food everydayI learned so much about that good ole saying, “You are What You Eat!” The only thing is, how can you know what you are if you don’t know or understand what it is you’re eating.